Monday, February 25, 2008

C'est le Amie

Had a great date on Friday night, my wonderful female friend made me dinner and then we watched a movie and told scary stories to her landlord's kids. My goodness they are never satisfied, they wanted one story after another. Umm Saturday it rained like nobody's business so I didn't get to go to the Chinese new year parade in San Francisco and the Chinese street market. Twas a pity since I loved going to the night markets when I visited Taiwan and I wanted to see how China town's festivities compare. I can't wait for my next date this week, especially since it involves an oakland temple trip and ice cream (hopefully Loard's Ice Cream.)

Umm oh yeah since it rained all day Saturday I helped out some Guildies (Eieloran and Lynshae) with their book quests. We've had a couple who I'm friends with (Ahrendor and Shellanor(I call her Shells)) also join but they are going on their honeymoon soon so we wont see them for a while. I love this crazy way of interacting with people and getting to know them that is an MMO.

My friends from wow are mostly looking forward to Warhammer and not playing lotro because its too similar to wow which they are burnt out on. So I told them I'd try it with them of course, why not? I mean its not like I'm gonna get that addicted.. I didn't even get that addicted to wow as a game.. I got addicted to my friends in wow is the problem. Just like I'm addicted to my friends in Lotro now :) Anyways this is more of an FYI post than a thought provoking one but what keeps you guys interested in an MMO? How big of a factor do social things play? For me they are 50% at least.

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