Thursday, February 21, 2008

Icing on da Cake

Heres a couple small things that you may not have known in Lotro: I found the following post in the Dev tracker from Hakaii:
The only (girl) face I have found that is really nice, cute, friendly looking and pleasant to see is that of the Hobbit girl, her lips curl up into a pleasant smile.
All the others look like they have pissed at the world (human) or prima donna's (elves) looking down on the world.
Only the Hobbit girls have a nice friendly, cute and pleasant smile.
Please let the other girls (elf and human) also have pleasant smiles too.
You can always change your mood using the various mood emotes to change the character's general demeanor.

so apparently you can just type /mood_sad or /mood_angry and it will change how your char looks until you decide to alter it. Very cool. Mood rings will be next if I know them.

Second thingy:
found this link on conjunction maneuvers in lotro that shows all the unique length six conjunctions which are the best ones to do, I particularly like hew the stone because it is AOE, and if people screw up it still does damage, I also like the length six straights which are easy enough to figure out.
Third: an article comparing and contrasting sandboxing versus theme parking

Anyways I'm too twitterpated from my date last night to think straight so I'll let you get back to whatever it is that you guys do. (What do you do anyways?)

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