Friday, February 15, 2008

The Delving of Fror

So last night I charged into monster play to see what I could see (in regards to the newly added content of course). For a while I ran around tagging along near a group as they took over TR and stealing kills with my blackarrow. Then I ran around solo doing quests to get more destiny points. The tide turned at least three times last night, the monsters were in control of the majority of things when I started, then the freeps took the lumber camp, and easily flippable place, and Isendeep and finally TR. Instantly after they took TR the freeps vanished from the Moors. It was almost eerie. Of course they had charged into the Delving and were killing creeps like crazy down there. So we were gradually gettgin reinforcements from creeps who had been shunted out, and we took the lumber camp and the moment we took it I got into a group and we charged into the Delving.

This was my first time there so I was excited. We took down the first boss with no healer but it was a lot of kiting so I logged my warleader and quickly bought him all the upgrades my 8000 destiny points could buy and charged into the delving to save my hapless fellows. We then encountered a named shadow boss who hit like a truck, but some other goober warg had tagged him and was trying to ditch him on us so we would foolishly kill the boss for him. Needless to say we let him and his two warg buddies die, then we started the boss and I had to frantically heal with my newbie warleader and avoid his aura damage as well. We took down the Eggeater boss twice and the undead guy who sprays in a cone attack also, although I had to do some panic res work on the guys (mostly the wargs who thought they could tank).

If that had been the end of it I might have just declared the delving a good place for loot and dungeoneering, but freeps did show up and steamroll people, then we ran out of the dungeon to go fight freeps who we found were rabidly defending the lumber mill and we couldn't be happier about it, since the lumber mill is poorly defended by NPC's compared to the three other lowland keeps. (I hear Isendeep is a joke to take).

I was having so much fun hiding behind tree stumps and healing and then jumping out to mass res and harass minstrels that I went 30 minutes overboard when I should have gone to bed to get ready for work the next day. If you own lotro or have access to it I recommend rolling a creep right now and checking things out or if you have a lvl 50 freep you can do it that way too. Any of you have any stories from the Moors you'd like to share?

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