Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Buon Giorno di San Valentino, il giorno di ogni cretino! (Happy valentines day, every cretin's heyday) As they say in Italy. I for one am glad some girl likes me this year, its a first (for valentines day). I played the new patch (book 12) last night for a half hour after my date and it was fun to see some changes. I particularly enjoy the costume system that lets me store three times the crap in my inventory (not counting my bags) as before. The new rep system kickback for all the quests I had done was really nice and I am now friendly with the men of Bree and an acquaintance with several other factions I didn't do much with before. Everyone should get to acquaintance with Thorin's Hall though just to use the master workbench there instead of Esteldin. Umm lastly I haven't gotten into the new Delving of Thror yet because on my server the creeps are IN CHARGE (Windfola) So I better fire up my Blackarrow or Spider and go and see it, but it'll have to be tonight. I love burrowing in the ground with my spider and then popping up behind enemies its fun, kinda zergling like... also kinda suicidal.. Have any of you seen the Delving yet and what are your thoughts? I think the Moors have been slowly heating up lately :D

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