Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tobold's chastisment

So Tobold wrote me and told me some things to fix. I think hes right.. I do need paragraphs :) I have just been spewing out content. And I need to proofread more. At least I spell checked the last post. So I will endeavor to improve things. I am not a English major though, I am a programmer, hence my perspective on writing and expressing myself is a little skewed. :P Still, there's lots of room for improvement. I wonder if it possible to put images on these blogger sites and how do I go about uploading images to an accessible place on the web? Anyone know?


The Wicked Messenger said...

It's very easy to upload images, you get some image storing space with your blogger account, which is probably plenty. Otherwise you can use something like flickr or photobucket.

There is more info here btw.

Thallian said...

Thanks I'll check it out