Monday, February 4, 2008

Good positive Lotro press

Good review of book 12 with lots of enthusiasm from gamespy, thats what I like to see. Head here to check it out or search gamespy yourself.


Peter said...

Says you get to customize your own hairstyles at the barber... the only place I've seen this done yet is in Bully, but I'm sure it's probably appeared elsewhere. Something I read recently makes me think the next WoW expansion might do something like this. But I can't give a link for that, so don't take my word for it.

Thallian said...

I'd love it if they did do it, I'll have to go investergrate :) The only game I've played so far with very good character creation options was City of Heroes/Villains and it did have four costumes you could switch to but wasn't quite as developed as this. I haven't checked out Bully yet, prolly need to :)

Peter said...

This is what I had read... it's not very specific, but it says:

"Transform your hero's look with new character-customization options, including new hairstyles and dances."