Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Fall of Morodirith

Sometimes doing something is more about the experience than the loot. Keen from "Keen and Graev" recently wrote a fun warhammer article about how Mythic's focus with rvr(realm versus realm) has been to make city sacking more about the experience and less about the "phat lewts". Well, my experience two nights ago (Presidents Day) of killing the boss of Carn Dum, Morodirith was just that.. all about the experience and not about the 'phat lewts' which is why my brothers will never do it again, they are VERY loot oriented while I myself couldn't give a rip as long as I enjoyed doing something, I will do it again.

However I have to agree with my brother, we'll call him Torkek(guardian) after his char, since I don't use real names on the web, made the astute observation: "If this dungeon was the final dungeon when they rolled out the game no wonder they were bleeding people so fast". Because basically you have to have big permanent epic rewards for grinding through a huge dungeon like that to fight a boss 5 times just to learn his very complicated fight where everyone needs to be performing near top level to down him and you still have to just get lucky that he doesn't use his most nasty moves on your minstrel or tank and have lots of tokens to burn... Well he dropped a purple (blue in wow land) leather helm and a purple barter item, his mirror which you cna turn into a unique housing decoration which is reward enough for me, my brother Badmorta(loremaster) won it but needless to say the team we were with was disgruntled. I bet they would have quit the game right there if that was the end of the end game, lol.

Its amazing what effect one boss happens to drop can have on you. It surprises me that through all the Zul Gurub runs I have done and the bosses never dropped a single epic that people didn't totally flip out but they were always disappointed because I guess they had got their hopes up an hadn't bothered to research online and find out out that this happened rather frequently. Not to mention the stats were pretty ok on some of the blue drops there but it didn't matter because it wasn't painted purple. Well the same thing happens in Lotro.. if a dungeon has no light blue (purple in wow land) loots then it isn't worth running and nobody runs it no matter how fun or cool the experience is. There are a few oddballs like me who play games to play then not to max /min but I can sympathize/empathize with my brothers and the majority who are like them and want to have constant progress.

What do you people's think? Should it be expected by players that a dungeon will have amazing drops? Is it a deal breaker if it doesn't? What if it is so fun and different each time that you are happy to just have a chance of phat lewt? Where does the balance lie I wonder...

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