Sunday, April 6, 2008

To be a gamer or not to be

Read this. Its a good article. I really think I am of a same mind in regards to labeling people. That's why I don't like those surveys that ask you some questions and then "color" your personality or define what kind of personality "type" you are. According to them I am pigeonholed as an 'accommodator' but that's not important because I cannot be put into a bag or box.

I am many things and they are different at different times. And I am always changing and becoming something new, trying to become something better, though not always succeeding. Anyways my point is try not to label people and try not to get angry at people who label you as a "gamer" or some such nonsense since everyone likes to play games of some kind.

Best wishes to all game playing type persons. :)


Anton said...

Aside from leveling a World of Warcraft character to 70 over the last year, I also went with the Boy Scouts to 3 campouts and weekly meetings. I typically spend 3 hours a week at church, and spend some time reading scriptures with my family daily. I am married with a 10-month-old baby boy, I work a full-time job as an artist making video games. I'd say I'm very much a gamer, but it's true I do many other things all the time. It's true that Gamer is a bit of a stereotype, perhaps we Gamers know better than anyone that that term is very generalized... Either that, or it's just all those OTHER people who have a gaming problem :)

Thallian said...