Friday, April 4, 2008

Letsa go!

So much time so few games.. or is that the other way around, oh yeah it's like this for me: so little time, eh you get the picture.

I have too many wii games, so I have postponed buying the big title ones until I give enough time to at least figure which ones I like and don't like. However! I will make an exception for mario kart if someone in my family decides I need to have it for my birthday :P. Anyways the reason I'm even blogging about something I haven't tried is cuz I found some info on it you might like here:

Btw mario kart is pretty much the most awesome game evar. :) Tho smash bros. is a close call. I wish, want, desire, covet, whatever, that wii had xbox's standardized live service. It would be the bomb. However random matches with strangers sound like they are supported in the game.


Anton said...

I got Smash Brothers Brawl on Monday this week, I bought it just for online play, since I have tons of friends who play it. We're having a blast. But since I already got that, I doubt I'll be getting Mario Kart. I can't just get every single game that comes out, and I think both games have a lot of similarities... Multiplayer party games that are high on zaniness and low on depth beyond being able to learn gameplay nuances and repeatedly win and lose over and over. I'm still more into rpg's where there's some kind of cohesiveness to them versus fighting battles with Wario one minute and then Ganon the next. Doesn't anyone else think that's a little bizarre?

Thallian said...

No more bizarre than a gypsy puppet show :p but that's another story entirely...