Sunday, April 27, 2008

Skiing in lotro and some awesome char pics

Well I'll just post pics of my chars here since my friend Anton is taking a bit to get me photos. Anton can add his to this post by using his magic 'Edit Post' ability. Btw my pics are much bigger than the blog is letting me show does anyone know how to get it to allow bigger pictures or is blogger just gimped like that? I mean these little thumbnails don't really do them justice. First a link to a funny movie:
They say that if your fishing and your press forward with 'w' you can ski, I'll have to try it before the devs fix it.

First up my bro Torkek finally scored a balrog fight shot, followed by a picture of someone fishing for tanks :P

Here first of mine is my captain Tordekel crossing the Bruinen ford with my buddy Banorili :)

Next up is my second 'main' Rumples the dwarf minstrel in his native dwarven habitat, with my friend Reizsor, Torkek and Halfhot. Still waiting for an epic torkek versus Balrog picture.

The last I'll show is my hunter, Telanghara. She kicks more butt than the other two, but she has other issues in life. Like where to find matching shoes. And a new quiver.. I still haven't got one of those. I definitely want to get her to 50/60 to do pvp though. Hunters get the most stars usually. (stars in this game mark how many kills versus deaths you have, i.e. how much of a 'hide in the back and run away when things get bad' type of person you are) Shes out hunting bandits and bad bad deer in Evendim in this picture.

Friday night I had the privilege of being in Utah for my brothers graduation and I took advantage of being there to meet with Anton and plan out what we are going to do for our "awesome" game. I am going to make a layer of "bricks" to be a base, then make 3D terrain according to a grid of data so it'll be like the ground of final fantasy tactics or some such game, then we'll put in some characters and work out the rest. Details will ensue once we make them up. I promise :)

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