Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A couple of mirkwood maps already (leak?)

So Lotrolife has the following maps up for people to see and ti shows about 6 new areas that comprise Mirkwood, namely
  • Ashenslades --burn foggy forest of creepiness
  • Dol Guldur --end game fortress of doom for the next year
  • Emyn Lum --don't leave the path in mirkwood or you'll be lost forever
  • Gathburz --looks like a Barrrow downs type area or Imlad Balcoreth
  • Mirk-eaves --Newbie area is sufficiently deforested by orcs
  • Taur Morvith --is it suddenly fall here? I never cease to puzzle over how zone boundaries can change seasons automatically
  • The Dourstocks --classic mirkwood with what looks like a cave/dungeon (prolly the first dungeon in the expansion)
  • The Drownholt --looks like the waterworks part 2 only above ground and with rotting trees this time.
  • The Scuttledells --looks like the logging area in the canyon adjacent to the barrens in Warcraft. Has a dungeon/cave thing. Perhaps the second dungeon?
:) I love to speculate based on one image, it's fun!

also this from massively: "Even more importantly, mounts are being made more functional. No longer will they simply move players around the game world quickly. With Siege of Mirkwood you can talk to an NPC on your mount, buy stuff from a vendor, cross land block boundaries, enter large spaces on horse without dismounting, emote on your horse -- you can even name your horse. If this isn't Turbine hinting at their next expansion's setting then they've got a pretty cruel sense of humor." Can't wait for these improvements that should have been in at the launch of the game, honestly.

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