Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last night/ this morning, DDO Unlimited first impressions

Somewhere around there I downloaded the high res client for DDO. I started with the low res client but the graphics were so atrocious (for me) that I had to go high res. Thus far with directx10 and everything on it looks pretty nice actually. I started on Khyber or some server thing like that and made a male dwarven fighter named Frumples Grumpet. I explored the newbie island and almsot got somewhere in the first dungeon before I had to go to work. I think this game has potential. Its UI needs some overlay work compared to Lotro, but it has potential and I hope that it starts to get the money necessary to raise it out of obscurity into the land of profitability.

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Anton said...

I tried a DDO trial a year ago. I liked it, actually. An MMO with an emphasis on solving puzzles and avoiding traps. And of course good old action.

I'll definitely be up for a game.