Monday, September 14, 2009

Crystal Bearers gets Launch Date

Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers just got a launch date. Nov 25th in Japan (good) Dec 26th in the US. Whoever thought that US launch day up ought to be fired for stupidity. Nobody can shop on the 26th.. all the stores are closed because people are on vacation with their families. I guess they are aiming for the New Year's Presents crowd or something? Anyways the game look very pretty and its on the Wii, which is good, but the fact that it may or may not be only single player might equal suck.. anyone out there know? I want another Crystal Chronicles like the Gamecube one only with no requirement of having Gameboys in order to play with your friends, personally.


Anton said...

But they sold so many GBA's!!!

The original had the other problem of being a total grind. The biggest issue being that the good treasures were only rewarded after a dungeon at random, so if you were gunning for a specific item, you might run the same dungeon 10 times to get it.

Thank heavens for the Game Genie.

Anton said...

Oh, and that screenshot you posted sure looks an awful lot like Tales of Symphonia 2, are you sure this is a screenshot from Crystal Chronicles?

That character in blue is spot-on Emil.

Thallian said...

lemme find a better one....

Anton said...

Oh wow, an actual screenshot of in-game play? Even the official website didn't have any of those! Unless this is a screenshot from GameCube with a wii interposed over it.

Seriously, why are they keeping it so hushed up...When it's supposed to be released around Christmas?

And my personal opinion? The OAV for this game looks...uhhh...Sorry, can't think of a nice way of saying it. 99% sure I'm not going to get it, based on what they've revealed so far. Shame.

I'd rather get My Life as a Dark Lord.