Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Mirkwood details.. finally! combat fixes!

From ign: "Perhaps the most interesting feature of skirmishes is the soldier, an ally that you can create and customize as far as race, role and appearance, and who also levels up through skirmish points obtained every time you complete one.

Various other existing features are being enhanced as well. The main one is the combat improvement, which now allows auto-attack to be interrupted any time a skill is invoked. The sluggish feel of combat in LOTRO has always been a complaint among players. Mounts will be converted to skills so you don't need an inventory slot for every horse in your stable and a new mount will be introduced. Players will also have access to a shared storage space across all characters in the account."

All I can say is FINALLY! This combat fix should have been done the year before yesterday. And the mount thing is just pure genius. The only thing I want in my inventory is crafting mats, loot, and the occasional potion or food. I'm also looking forward to customizing my own extra helper minion. Nothing like faceless minions to let the orcs know who's in charge.

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