Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some behind the scenes work

Here's a drawing Anton sent me August first and what I sent back to him two weeks later.. Yes, I'm no professional artist (yet) but darn it, I only have a mouse and Gimp! :P

Hopefully we'll get it finished sometime.. hopefully. (and you thought coloring in the lines was little kid stuff)


Oakstout said...

Gimp! appears to be a pretty nice clone of Photoshop. I've got it installed at work, but haven't found the time to really work with it.

I would suggest a nice wacom tablet if you can afford it. I picked up an inexpensive one about two years ago to do a few drawings online. course, with all my endeavors it sits collecting dust.

But that all said, it looks like its shaping up. I'd look at a few of Scott Johnson's videos on how he does his comic. They are pretty informative. If your looking for information that is.

I'm not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, the best I can hope to do is create a decent character in Champions lol.

Anonymous said...

Oakstout is given some pretty good advice!

If you start using a Wacom you'll never look back. I do my drawings freehand using pencil to sketch, then I use a ball-point pen to finish it -love shading with ball-point pen, but if I'm going to do an illustration I just scan the artwork and use Photoshop and a Wacom to paint it.

Anton said...

I'll jump on the bandwagon in favor of tablets and say:

Everyone should own one of these:

It even comes with Photoshop Elements. I use this for everything (Although I have Photoshop CS3, but Elements is far better than GIMP at least).

It's under $100. I have used mine a ton.

Thallian said...

sounds like I need to invest ina wacom tablet, after I buy a new aquarium light chassis, and a new copy of champions online.. :P

Oakstout said...

When you get Champions give me a shout. I'm logged in as @kryphon. I'll try and pay attention to the chat box so we can hang out.

CoW's have a vent server, so sign up for their forum boards and I'll get you in the guild.

Would be great to finally hang out.