Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Philippines Deluge

Just in case you had time to look up from Fallen Earth or whatever is floating your boat at the moment, the Philippines and Vietnam have gotten hit pretty hard with a hurricane that make Katrina look like a midsummer's breeze, its floating their furniture, neighbors, and appliances out to sea as we speak. 80% of Manila was flooded. On top of tis some government dum-dum's opened all three of the dams to avoid them breaking Those two countries need our prayers, thoughts, and/or donations, so I'd encourage you to find a good distributor and donate a little. We have so much and we should give to the less fortunate. Especially if we have 50 extra bucks to splurge on a new game, we can certainly some spare bucks to feed a family/get them fresh water for a day. (link goes to Philippine Red Cross page)

p.s. they are due to receive another deluge in about 6 days. Many people are in single story evacuation shelters and the government is struggling to feed them.

p.p.s. My inlaws and their neighborhood lost their stuff due to flotation and looting and were on the roof all night to avoid drowning. 59 people died in their subdivision alone. I don't say this for pity or donations for myself (I will refuse them, send them to the red cross) but I say it to personalize this a bit more. Katrina happened and the U.S. cared because it was in our backyard. The Philippines is a far away place so maybe some have a harder time caring. The question is, does it matter so much to you? Why is a Philippine life worth any less to us than a U.S. one?


Jayedub said...

I'm really sorry to hear that. You're right, their life isn't worth any less than mine, and I am always saddened to hear of events like this.

I hardly watch much TV, and that goes for news, so I had no idea how bad the weather has been on that side of the world.

I hope your everything turns out OK for your family.

Thallian said...

Thanks Jaye. I don't watch TV anymore. We don't even have one. But I appreciate the empathy, and I'm glad I let you know. There's been a couple earthquakes in Samoa and another place. I guess that area is in for some trials.