Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bing! bong! The witch is dead!

So Microsoft launched a new web search hub called Bing! cuz they were jealous of Google and let me say, for the most part its inferio to what is offered but it does have its gems. I hate to praise Microsoft at all lately because of Vista and the grief it's given me but they are coming out with some nice things like Windows 7 and Bing maps is one of them. Granted its not a satellite view,(I think) but it looks like aerial photography judging by the angle and the detail, still its nice to get to see areas from a different view so make sure you go to Bing! too and try their maps out. Make sure to try a few areas and settings. It defintely beat yahoo maps ion this regard, which is pretty impressive for an at-launch condition of a product.

On the other hand their news section is pretty poor, it returned no results when I searched for 'lotro'. Nuff said :P Their normal search is decent, though not amazing or anything. Their image search returns a facebook like experience. Worth exploring, but nothing really really amazing.
I'm glad though if they can provide competition for google in its key areas so that it will feel pushed to improve. It's not perfect after all.

Here's a sample of my results when looking at a vacation locale for this weekend for father's day. Happy Father's day to the proud daddy gamers out there btw, including you Anton.

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