Friday, June 12, 2009

China gets Lotro soon (tm)

Third quarter of 2009 China is getting Lotro.

Why is this interesting to you? Well, its like the second western MMO after WoW that will launch in China (other than random small FTP ones). This will boost their revenues at Turbine even higher. It already launched in Korea a year or two ago and that has pressured them to do a better job at PVP (thank heavens). They need to add battlegrounds or something. Although the Ettenmooors is fun because anyone can show up, it is also never quite as much fun as warsong gulch or Arathi basin or Alterac Valley were, unless there are hordes and hordes of people in there, in which case it becomes a very unique experience with armies of wargs ready to pounce and people defending keeps. But "usually" its just a group agianst another lately and that gets old fast without objectives of some kind other than "hide", "pick off the sick ones", "kill some more".

In other news, I get my internet at home back tomorrow morning, so you can expect more gaming news from me than you've been getting. I'm actually getting it installed instead of umm borrowing the neighbor's spotty internet. Moving into a new place always has its fun little adventures.

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