Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Final Fantasy 4, the after years

so I hope Anton can get a screenshot in here from his Wii, (pretty please, lol I know he hasn't bought it yet) but anyways this game was awesome back in the day and its been improved and its on Wiiware now. I soo want to buy it but my Wii is at my familiy's home so I'm gonna have to wait. That won't stop me from letting you all know though. Cheers :) p.s. this is NOT a FF4 remake, its a sequel, and its got a new plot and enw characters to boot. FF4 remake would be ok, like the DS one, but this is neat.

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Anton said...

Oops, I still need to beat FF4...I have had it on DS since October!

...Neverwinter Nights, why are you dominating my life so?