Friday, June 5, 2009

Possible Applications for Natal

Of course, video games have been a mass market mass-driver gun for technology to expand and reach affordable levels for years and years, so it must needs be that all neat technology that we could have figured out years ago has to have some kind of video game tie in AND be decently successful before it becomes cheaper, but after Natal and the things that follow it become cheaper, what do you guys think are some of the possible future uses for this technology?

My boss really got me thinking about this because he was so hyped about hacking it and using it as a virtual butler by tying it to the virtual remote in his home. You could just talk, wave your arms, do some motion or other and things would happen. Look out George Jetson, here we come! But other than that I see a lot of application for meetings because you could all meet as holograms with the data picked up by this thing, or for "virtual sports competitions" perhaps. Ideas? Anyone for virtual dodgeball?


Anton said...

I just watched the video about Natal...It looks friggin' awesome! I don't see any "Practical applications" for my personal life, though. Just games for me. But that's okay. I may get to develop games for this thing eventually, but not at my current job, we run too small an operation for that kind of thing.

Anton said...

One thing I still want to see is a role-playing MMO where you can speak or type your words, and then the computer speaks them back in your character's voice. I wonder if it has Text-to-Speech capabilities...I'm guessing it does. But if the voice recognition isn't leaps and bounds ahead of any I've ever seen before, I'll probably keep on typing out my characters' dialogue.