Monday, June 1, 2009

Neverwinter Nights: Arelith

About a month ago, I decided to try some Subscription Free online role-play via Neverwinter Nights. I discovered Arelith (, a persistent world role-play server.

The people in Arelith have an incredible community and sense of role-play. On Saturday night, I played for four hours, completely enjoyed myself, and I think I only dealt a single blow of combat.

Instead, I walked to a bench, triggered a trap, and suddenly became an innocent bystander in an attempted murder by an elven woman with a vendetta against a certain city councilman's secretary. She was soon banished by the city Guard Captain for 3 months (which is about 5 days, 2 RL hours = 1 game day). Then I met a man who, upon learning I am a Paladin seeking to serve my community, recommended I join the City Guard. But before that, I had to confess having accepted a bribe during last week's city council election. Which I was told was perfectly normal in an election. Then upon joining the guard, I was told how to treat my officers in a military fashion, and taken to a dressing room to put on a guard uniform, and as we were about to do a town-patrol together, someone ran up to the Sergeant yelling that there had been a murder.

So in new recruit fashion, I was sent across town to keep an eye on the front gate for the perpetrator, who was subsequently confronted by many officials and bystanders and taken to the guards' office for questioning and a little trial. Then the City High Councilman sent me to fetch a witness.

Good role-play if you ask me! I think I shall be on Arelith for a long long time...


Thallian said...

Everything Anton(you) has(have) told me about Arelith has sounded quite good. I plan to look into it myself soon.

Oakstout said...

Is it the original Neverwinter Nights or is it Neverwinter nights 2?

I presume its the first one with the expansion correct? I think I have the original game but I might have to check on the expansion. If so, I'll reinstall it and check it out. I use to love RP in D&D back in my college days. The best adventures where the ones where I didn't raise a weapon all session.

Thallian said...

this is the original with the expansions I think. I asked him the same question already and he told me that.

Anton said...

Yeah, it's Neverwinter Nights 1 with all three expansions. Arelith requires no haks, which makes it a convenient server to join.

Oakstout said...

Now I just need the expansions....oh boy!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I been DM'ing on Arelith like 2 years now, and played for three. If you want a mature and in depth roleplay server, join us.
Just remember to visit the website, and read the simple five golden rules. And if you have time, also the journal and the in game informations.
There are two servers: A surface, and Underdark. If you wish to join the evil forces, you can play drow, kobold, duergar, goblin etc.
We also give ratings to good roleplayers, do you actually can just roleplay, without killing monsters. You'll get 10, 20, 30 or even 40 exp points every 6 minutes.

Thallian said...