Monday, June 29, 2009

Tyrranical Reign at an End

Finally put up a new blog header, thereby ending my tyrranical reign as LORD ANTON.

What fond memories I will have of crushing the innocent. But now that I'm here to be a good guy again, I will look forward to times fit for heroism and honour!

The new header represents the main characters of the game Thallian and I will be not only creating...But taking the lead roles in!

I cut back significantly on the original game design to make it a feasable 2-man project. I'd still give it at least a year to complete, since I need to build about 15 3d character models... Many of the game mechanics have been determined, the main characters are developed, and some plot elements are written in script format. Here we go!

Incidentally, I wonder if Thallian (and the rest of you all) think it's a good idea to post everything about the game as it is being developed, or if we should just stay quiet and surprise everyone?


Chappo said...

I liked the old header more :D
I think it would be a good idea to share it on your blog, as then you will get a lot of feedback/ideas and suggestions which would benefit your game in the long run. :)

Crimson Starfire said...

"I'd still give it at least a year to complete, since I need to build about 15 3d character models..."

For some reason I pictured you guys building a 2D rendered game?... It would probably be quicker to make. Given that it's your first game, I'd keep the graphics simple and concentrate on quality game design. Anton, you have pro drawing skills and could churn out 1000 2D sprites in the time it would take to do a few 3D models. Unless of course the 3D element is crucial to the game deisgn?

Anton said...

I have experience in both, and honestly, 3d will be easier for me. 2d animation is a much slower process, especially in a game like this where you can easily recycle a lot of animation in 3d (changing camera angles, and using the same walk cycle for multiple characters for example), where doing the same animation in 2d would be extremely tedious.

I can make a simple low-res character in about 2 days, so that's what I'm planning on doing to keep it in scope. Of course, doing this part-time, that transfers into 2 or 3 weeks.

Thallian said...

@Crimson Just to clarify, this isn't our first game, or even our first game we've made together. We made a full length RPG together that was very well made (you can play it from start to finish and its mostly debugged and fun). But since it was made with the RPG maker engine we couldn't sell it. Now we are making a game and I already built the "engine" so to speak so we're just waiting on art.

@Chappo lol yeah the old header did have some class maybe we'll put up a link in the side bar or something

Thallian said...

@Anton I think we should post things as we create it, unless of course they'd rather we not, or if they would be more enthused about something unknown, well, that's another matter also.

Anton said...

Yeah, well...I agree...Being the show-offy type that I am, I can hardly refrain from showing every little sketch I make! But some people still might like some surprises.

Keen said...

I really enjoy your artwork. I wish I had the artistic ability to draw and create my own persona.