Monday, June 8, 2009

What I'm doing, in case you wondered

So Anton has been doing 3D art and goofing in Neverwinter Nights. Meanwhile I have been unpacking wedding stuff and trying to get my life sorted out to some semblance of normal. Been doing "thank you's" and all kinds of other stuff too. Did go to an opera ("Tosca") in AT&TPark for free, was my first opera ever. I have to say it was kinda.. silly? Fun but the plot was very silly. If you get a chance to see it you should though, Pucini's operas are not boring I hear/read. The heroine does some unusual things though and there are certainly some surprising plot twists. Fun stuff.

In other news, Bildo showed me this neat thing called Stumble upon and I've been playing with it. Its an add on for the browser and I normally loathe those but thsi one takes you to random cool webpages you wiouldbn't otehrwise discover so its neat and fun to use when bored at work. Give it a whirl!

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